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Eurovision Song Contest 2021: The Europe is out of mind

Verantwortlicher Autor: Stefano Pizzurro Rotterdam May 22 2021, 17.06.2021, 18:13 Uhr
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People Enjoying The Concert
People Enjoying The Concert   Bild: from - Photo by Annam w

Rotterdam May 22 2021 [ENA] LXV (65th) edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. After a year of forced hiatus, the music comes back to life and great! There are four presenters who alternate on different areas of the immense stage: Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smith and Nikkie Jagger;

from the world of music, entertainment and social media. The singing competition was held at the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena, with 39 participating states, and in the presence of a very warm audience. A special event (given the current times) and the emotion is renewed, it is unique, considered indefinable, according to the presenters themselves and those who followed the event on TV. Italy participated in the event with the Maneskin band, winners of the 71st Italian Song Festival with the song "Zitti e Buoni".

Among the most exciting moments of the first semifinal of the ESC, we will remember the emotion of the presenter Chantal Janzen and the homage to maestro Franco Battiato, who passed away in recent days. In memory of her, her performance at Eurovision in 1984 was re-proposed, together with Alice with the song "Trains to Tozeur". And then quietly but not at all good, we witness the final evening that begins in a riot of applause, joy and arms raised in an arena full of cheering audiences. Kaleidoscopic lights, moving scenographies, fires that go on and off, flashy and nonconformist costumes, white furs and huge angel wings, swarovsky bodices and fringes, bird feathers, crazy headdresses and amazing hairstyles are on the way.

All to the maximum, which makes this song festival unique and irreplaceable, foreign languages that alternate and at the same time unite, unite 39 countries in front of the television screen, because music can do this too. Rhythms and melodies starting to come together! The party has begun. The performance of Malta is amazing, Portugal is melodious, Serbia is fierce, with Iceland it seems to take a step back to our 80s, Albania remembers the Neapolitan melodies and then comes to Finland and the irreverent rapped rock that set the audience on fire and then finally Italy with its Maneskin, young, eclectic, warm and sensual who make all the other delegations dance.

When the time comes for the leaderboard, it's an adrenaline rush! Italy sways between third, fourth and fifth place and vice versa, we do not stray too much until the final votes of the European public arrive: 300!!! The Maneskins jump to the top of the podium with 524 votes in front of France 499 and Switzerland at 432 and it's the victory!!! The Italian song has freaked out Europe, which awakens to the rhythm of rock. The competition was won for the first time by Italy in 1964 by Gigliola Cinquetti with the song "Non ho l'età" in Copenhagen, and a second time in Zagreb in 1990 by Toto Cutugno with the song "Insieme: 1992".

It was 31 years since the award was missing from Italy, which now next year will have the honor of hosting the event thanks to these four young boys who, from the sidewalks of Via del Corso in Rome, began their ascent with passion, perseverance, determination, to the point of making himself known by the general public and thanks to the Talent Scout X Factor in 2017 where they arrive second and then higher and higher, up to winning the Sanremo Festival 2021, and now this other success that has brought the Italy on the roof of Europe: the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. When alchemy is born, not only among artists but also among people, the perfect band is formed. An Amazing Show! [Thanks to Giusy Sciacca for this article]

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