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Conference Safap 2021 start on 16, 17 and 18 November 2021

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Petrochemical plant by liufuyu - from elements envato
Petrochemical plant by liufuyu - from elements envato  Bild: liufuyu from / Stefano Pizzurro license owner

Italy [ENA] Conference in Digital Edition The Department of technological innovations and safety of plants, products and anthropogenic settlements (Dit) of Inail has scheduled the ninth edition of the SAFAP Conference "Safety and reliability of equipment - Risk management from construction to operation"

The conference is aimed at all those who, for various reasons, operate in the sector of pressure equipment, steam generators and systems at risk of major accidents: researchers, designers, manufacturers, notified bodies, plant engineers, operators, experts in the security, control / verification / inspection / surveillance officers. The areas of application are: PED Directive, TPED, ATEX, SEVESO III, DM 329/04, DM 11/4/2011, new and old park, residual homologation.

The main conference topics of interest are the following: • Risk analysis • Anti-seismic • Operational experience • Fitness-for-Service • Installations at risk of accident relevant • Heating systems • Accidents and breakdowns • Industry 4.0 • Materials • Mechanics of the fracture • Damage mechanisms • Monitoring of equipment and systems • Natech risk • Near-miss • Project development and construction • Non-destructive tests • Transport containers • Repairs • Risk-Based Inspection • Safety and security • Viscous flow • Security systems • Checks and controls

As in previous years, the main actors of the national territory on the subject of the safety of pressure equipment within industrial plants will participate in the SAFAP. Many of the companies invited to contribute to CALL FOR PAPERS deal with the maintenance of pressure equipment and thanks to the experience gained in the field, they will share interesting Case Studies on how to always make an equipment safe after being maintained.

For more information follow the link: [] Some interesting technical documentation from previous editions on following links: [] [] []

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